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May I? As an old 80 year old ex Windsurfing instructor. Squash instructor. BJA County Coach (Judo). Self defence Instructor. And teaching would be Instructors who have attained their gold and silver grades. (Who are allegeable to teach at sports centres, schools etc.) At the college off PE in London.
Give some advice to young would instructors. I hope in some way, this advice given in all humility, will help youngsters who want to teach sports.

One - Teaching is an art in its self. You are there only for the benefit off your pupils not your self. Your ego you leave behind when you teach.
Two- Donít teach a class only as a whole; remember they are individuals, with different attitudes, motivations, fears and outlooks.
Three- Use more motivated and quicker pupils to teach others less endowed. This helps them from getting bored.
Four- Sometimes when teaching a gybe, throwing technique, or showing how to hit a squash ball off the back wall. Make a mistake, fall in after making a perfect gybe, remember your pupils are only learning and maybe think I will never do that. And infact you discourage them, but by using your sense off humour and falling in, it helps defuses their fear off failing.
Five- If you make a mistake donít hide it admit it, but again use your sense of humour the class will respect you more.
Six- Donít be afraid off asking other instructors there advice if you have a problem with a pupil or your teaching methods.
Seven- Donít have any favourites or dislikes concerning one or two individuals in your class. Discipline is a much, without it you will have problems.
One last peace of advice, read about other sports and teaching methods you will find that there is a common theme thatís runs through most of them, Posture, Stance. Centre of gravity, that helps to give us the type off balance we need to enjoying the sport we love to do.,
That in my opinion the feet come first then the hands, itís no good hitting the ball then tripping over your feet. .
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