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HI!! Roger
My Ref to other sports was to point out that the posture and stance we teach to balance, to make contact with the board, to move the line off our feet , (for and aft) back foot, front foot. To transfer the weight from one foot to another too counter balance power of the wind in the sail. Is no difference than I would teach in martial arts, the principle is the same, As Peter hart says in his book windsurfing is like dancing. So Is Aikido, so are many other sports.
If I have a problem with a pupil who has difficulty with understanding A technique or stance I ask what other sports do you practice , then I point out( If I can) or use the same posture or feet movement used in that sport. Because he has already grasped the idea of movement for that sport. Hopefully he can now connect the same with his new sport.
A young would be instructor should open up his mind to the fact that what we teach in windsurfing in many ways is no different from teaching other sports, and that itís not exclusive to only windsurfing. To broaden his own ability to be a better teacher.
Roger forgive my rather clumsy why off explaining my thoughts, but itís a long time since I taught. But I loved to teach others and the satisfaction I get from seeing my pupils faces. That look off delight at, at last doing a gybe or throwing technique, or hitting a ball out off a corner of a squash court to score a point.
It made teaching with all its drawbacks, disappointments. Sometimes boredom with the repetition of teaching, all worthwhile.
Papa Terry
And thanks Roger for your intreast and time.
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