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sergio k
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Thanks for your advice
. Yes the proper sails for the right board to suite the conditions you want to sail in are all important. But one has to take into consideration the phys'ical , mental and age of the person sailing , Me at my age have not the balance or co-orordination I used to have or indeed the stamaner. But still have the determination I always had and have to learn to except it , but still enjoy gliding across the clear warm sea, (within my limitations. )
Papa Terry
First, you have to describe wind speeds and condition where you're planning to sail,
second, as Ken asked, what type of sailing you're planning to do.
We know you're 80 years old, but we also need you hight and weight.
All this will determine size and type of the board/ sail you should get.
I would be guessing that modern hybrid/ or wide beg/intermediate like GO would be a good choice,
To make sail/rig lighter and easier to use, purchase lightweight mast 100% carbon and
boom, and no-cam modern sail. It's all about details in windsurfing if you want to make it easy and fun
for yourself, and there are lot's of choices.
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