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Hi!! Roger thanks for you help and advice.
I received the simulator plans looks good.
At the moment after looking through all the good advice I have received I am down to three boards types all with dagger boards, The Rio windsurfer, and Phantom race. And Go windsurfer as I am a light weight just less than 70 kilos. 5.11 Tall. Which or these boards would you chose for me mainly just to have fun with and is very stable. (By the way none of these boards mention ease off gybing) Also what two sails would you feel I could handle, and that would match these boards? Sails that are light and friendly to use. I understand the Go has two fins, as the beach here is very shallow so that is good. Please remember itís very basic here, I will have to use a lot off initiative do repairs.
I have enjoyed reading about the advice and comments in the forums have learnt a lot. There are so many who are willing to give advice and so freely. Thanks to them all.
Papa Terry
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