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I estimate the highest wind I have sailed in was around 12-15 knots with an 8 metre Gator. I am 78 kilos. It was an exciting ride; caused mainly by the chop and waves which kept trying to push the board off course; but it was certainly manageable.
Most fun is the 5-8 knot range when others are struggling to get planing and you go whizzing by!
I have made a camera mount to utilise the screw holes at the back of the board (I think they are intended for mounting wheels) and am capturing video with the camera pointing forward and backward (going to get another Serenity to sail behind me to capture some close-up sailing shots.
Also getting shots from a helmet mounted camera and from just hanging around in the water while a Serenity goes by.
Plan is to put together a short Serenity sailing movie which I will make available for download once it is complete.
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