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Default GTX vs. V8 vs. RAM

Which sail would you recomend for formula and is there any real difference between them?

My local dealer is offering me a 08 Ram, 09 V8 and 2010 GTX (+/-10m2). I wanted to choose the GTX as a good compromise between the early planning and top speed, but I can't find a used Gaastra mast (new ones are crazy expensive...). The sail will be used for lightwind cruising (not racing) so I was thinking there really a big difference compared to the Ram in terms of early planing (even if you remove the switchcam) and handling (Ram being more difficult in this category)? But I just can't help to loose the feeling that the Ram would be more fun than the V8...

I am an intermediate surfer (70 kg), driving mostly a NS Strike 7,0m2 (2 cams freerace) on a F2 Stoke 107l.

Any feedback?
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