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It can be really weird, I agree. The hot winds of summer when they blow in Texas are amazingly gusty, swirly and variable. One thing I consistently notice where I usually sail (somewhat protected area from large chop) is the way the water looks as a gust approaches. A 3D image would be very interesting to see. The "black" water or small wavelets from the gust will pass by the board and under the sail for maybe 5 seconds before the wind powers the sail. It's seems like the gusts are shaped like a 20 degree wedge moving along the surface.

The other thing I notice is when planing through a hole and approaching a gust (tongue of black water ahead), the wind speed drops to almost 0 just before hitting the gust, almost like sailing through opposing vortexes.

You think someone with the right computer skills could produce a 3D image if there was a way to "see" what the wind was actually doing.

I am sure that part of the problem at my sailing site is the land geography and it's impact on the wind. Outside the protected area, the wind seems to be a bit steadier, but it's hard to see (read the water) with the larger waves and chop.
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