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Default Carve 131 or 141 liters for Colorado Sailor?


I'm debating between the starboard carve 131 and 141. I weigh 184 pounds and live / will use the board in Colorado. (lighter/thinner air + fresh water.) Sail sizes I'll use it with: 5.9 and 7.5. (occassionaly 5.2 but not alot of 5.2 days here.)

I want something that planes quickly, is fun and lively (doesn't feel too big/roll over in swell, and I can track upwind well/perfect all around board for Colorado Conditions. I currently use a 125liter goyafxr which is a wide/short design and it's a little tough in light wind and a little too big in very high winds- I have an 87 liter JP for very windy days here.)

Leaning towards the 141 liter but wondering if that's too much and might be better off with/have more fun with the 131. Thoughts/suggestions?

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