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Hi Farlo, well the general rule if trying to optimise the mix of velocity made good and ground to windward depending upon the point of sailing is to head up in the gusts and head down in the lulls or the other way about for the reciprocal course. Watch the gust patterns and learn how to best exploit. Sailing fast in apparent wind, that is exceeding the true wind speed, does change strategies a bit though as it is often possible to punch straight through by sheeting in hard while driving the front hand forward. Gust shifting can be very useful for tacking or gybing to get a free ride half way around. For setting longer courses with cellular patterns the same applies but with a lot more opportunistic gybing and tacking or waiting for the next useful lift or knock to arrive.

Perhaps the Formula guys on another thread can offer some insights as I am sure they are more up with the tactics than my more limited slalom back and forth kind of sailing!

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