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Default RE: Feedback on partnering or replacing an ???05 Evo 74 for decent waves?

Hi Ola,

Thanks very much for your considered and thoughtful response! Nice one dude. I really appreciate your insights into the different characteristics of the '04-05-06-07 Acids and Evo's.

I also thought your comment summed up the process I'm going through: Doing such a change back and forth can be a good thing. It makes you realize that any board is a compromise and that finding the right one is learning to live with compromising some aspects of the ride that you one one hand may like but on the other hand don't find as vital to your wave sailing expirence as some other aspect.

The only way I'm really going to find out is by getting an Acid 74 and directly comparing it to my Evo 74 and figure out what the compromises are and how they suit or improve my style of wavesailing for the conditions.

I'm going to digest your insights but may come back with some other queries in my quest for the perfect quiver..

Cheers, Stev-0

PS: Nice lip smack in the picks! B)
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