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82kg -20+yrs sailing
0-12kts stay at home or O Design
12-18 , 52 wide with a 7.5 inlet sailing
18-25 , 52 wide with a 6.6 inlet sailing
25-30, 52 wide with a 5.8 flat water or B&J
30-40, 40 wide with a 5.8 flat water and a 9 kg weight jacket
40+, 40 wide with a 5.0 flat water and a 9kg weight jacket
Sail size changes around a bit depending on the wind angle when i,m speed sailing. Same goes for the weight jacket. If its broard and gusty i,ll wear it.
Fins and water state will also have a huge impact on board behavoir. Start with what works and then push the limits of you and your gear limits
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