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Question Beaufort Scale

It was mentioned in another thread that the Beaufort Scale is outdated. Perhaps it is to some but it still serves its purpose because not everyone has an anemometer with him when windsurfing. It indicates a range of wind speed using observable phenomena on sea and on land. Personally, I've heard "experienced" windsurfer estimating wind speed to be 30 knots when it was only 15-20 knots :-p

Units of measurements are so different in different countries! Some measure weight in stones, temperature in degree F, distance in miles, speed in miles/hour. Wind speed is measured in knots which most people are not familiar with. Yes, if only this world could agree on an international standard. { Should we all drive on the right or left side of the road? ;-). I'm glad that board volume is measured in liter and not gallon, sail size is in meter square and not square foot.

"The Beaufort Wind Scale was created by Sir Francis Beaufort so that wind speed could be measured on a standard scale, making it possible for sailors to communicate with each other more objectively about wind speeds." Beaufort Scale, has not been used by the UK met office some years ago because many people don't understand what it represents.

Should windsurfers use the same unit of measurement for board speed and wind speed?
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