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Hi Marcus K,
I'd venture to guess that one of 2 things is happening here.
First thing, a 32 cm weed fin is extremely small (span wise (depth) for sure, but perhaps not area wise) for your 85 cm wide GO 155.
So, perhaps you are finally getting your skills up to a level where you are truly "loading up" your 32 cm weed fin.
Perhaps over the last 16 months you've run the 32 cm weed fin aground a few times, hit a few submerged "hard" things with your fin, and the profile of the fin has changed a bit and what was once a really good fin is now getting to be not so good.
My guess would be that you sail in really shallow waters (or you would have selected a somewhat larger 40-53 cm weed fin to go with the 85 cm wide GO 155.
So, how to "fix" this?
Try a larger fin (the stock 41 cm shallow water fin or better still use the 52 cm vertical race fin if you have the water depth to use that large a
If you have heavy weeds, then a slightly larger weed fin (what type of weed fin are you currently using (brand/model) may be the only solution.
Also, your current weed fin may have some "nicks and scratches" that are imparing it's ability to shed weeds and your "spin out" problems are related to having some weed on your fin.
If, as I suspect, your skills and speed have improved to the point that you are now able to really load up your little 32 cm weed fin, perhaps the only solution is a larger better weed fin, or trying to use the 42 or 52 cm vertical fins.
Hope this helps,
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