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After my post, I checked on the Beaufort scale and now I may reconsider my thinking. Since the wind is never constant, but always changing speed, it makes more sense to use a scale that expresses a range rather than a specific speed (unless the actual range is split between two Beaufort numbers).

The hard part is adapting to a new scale and since no one around where I live thinks or expresses the wind in Beaufort, I would be on my own.

On the other hand, saying the wind is blowing 5 Beaufort or 16 to 21 knots doesn't seem much different., except that I would have to carry a chart with me until I learned the Beaufort scale.

The most recognized international nautical wind speed measurement is knots. I guess I will stick with it.

Checking the various local sources for wind speed only does one thing, do I go to the lake or do I stay home. There is a gray area when the wind is on the light side where I either have to rig big on my formula board, or possibly slog around for a high percentage of time on the same rig (3 Beaufort). If the wind is clearly over 3, then the day will be good, but I won't know what board or what sail until I see the water and check with the guys already on the water.

Right now and for the foreseeable feature, it's 1-3 Beaufort. Bummer.
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