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Hi Peter,
I looked at the Ezzy web page and checked out the 2.0/2.5 2007 Kids Rig setup and I agree, the price is certainly good.
Knowing the normal quality that Ezzy is known for, I suspect this rig package would certainly do the trick for your girls, but it probably does not have very much "down the road" potential.
Having taught a great number of kids, I know how quickly they progress, so I'm going to suggest that you look at the Sailworks Retro Ripper 3 3.3 m2 rig for your daughters. It will cost twice as much as the Ezzy, but
will provide significantly more performance and give them a really solid
small sail to start out and then you can build them a quiver of small light high performance sails that will have them planing almost from the first day.
A couple of questions need to be answered here.
How much windspeed do you expect your daughters will be sailing in?
How much (approx.) do your daughters weigh.
If your younger daughter is at least 60 lbs. and youir windspeeds are < 12 knots your younger daughter should do quite well with the 3.3 m2 Ripper.
The Retro Ripper 3 sails are fully tuneable, so if you have light winds, downhaul less and leave some shape in them.
If the winds are stronger, downhaul more, let the top twist off, and keep the profile a bit flatter to reduce the power.
If you are anywhere near the Hatteras or West Central Florida, let me know and we can put your daughters on a Starsurfer and let them try out the various different Retro Rippers to find the ones that will work best for them.
Hope this helps,
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