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Imho I don't find so difficult to have an idea of the knots of winds blowing. Knots are related to speed and nowaday we all live with the car speed, the bike speed, the boat speed, etc.
Yes we can do wrong evaluations, so I always keep in my car a good "tower-shape" anemometer, I mean omnidirectional. And THEN I correct the results with simple observations, sometime with a small telescope, just to see if otside on the sea or lake seems to be more or less windy. And obviously asking to other riders the sail they're using AND their weight, if it's someone around windsurfing (rare in Venice Lagoon...).
Beaufort scale reminds me the (in)famous Mercalli scale used in Italy for earthquake, based like the Beafourt one on direct observations of the EFFECTS, not checking the stenght of the eartquake. The result is that italian earthquakes are higher in scale compared to the last Japan terrible ones!!! Yes we have ancient houses not exactly quakeproof...
I mean, a scale based on the effects is imho wrong because it depends on the type of building, threes, earth, sand you find.
Right last time I've (tried to) make wave-windsurfing I made the mistake paying too much attention to the flying sands, thinking at this like a sign of very strong wind; but the Sottomarina beach is very wide and full of dunes, so sand is prone to fly with far less wind strenght that, f.e. a flat hard beach like in Roemoe (DK). The result was a totally frustrating session underpowered with 4,5, when the rider with the car parked next to mine (75 kg vs mine 90 kg...) had rigged a 5,3 and enjoied the day a lot! I'd have to listen to my anemometer, showing really 20 knots on the beach at its best, yes in the sea pheraphs the average was more, steady 20-22, but absolutely not the 25 to lift up that heavy butt of mine...
Trees: what kind of trees? There are threes with leafs heavy and hard to move, and other trees with leafs moving everytime you sneeze nearby... Italian ancient roofs loosing pieces with 20 knots and modern strong roofs that can bear 50 knots with no sign....
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