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Hi Roger
Thank you for your suggestions
I think what is happening is a combination of what you described. I think (and particularly hope) that my skills have improved a bit and I may be asking for a bit too much to the big GO (I borrowed a GPS and clocked 25+ kts max). I am not aware of having hit hard things with the fin but certainly of dragging it on the sand (good guess! we do sail on very shallow waters). The fin is common amongst our group although most of the other guys have Hyper-Sonics and mine is the only GO. The fin is a Select antiweed Eliminitator (32). I can see the the fin has worn out a bit (approx. 3mm, between the tip and 5about to 7 cm form the tip) and the front edge has gone square. Would that be enough to cause such problem? I was told to sand it (with sand paper) to give some "sharpness" to the edge. Would that do things worse?
Nevertheless I will try to use a 52cm straight fin I have. Altough I may plow the seabed with that one...
thanks mate
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