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Each to his own Belscorpio !!!

Found many issues with anerometers.(Take no notice of Windguru/Windfinder/coastguard current reports;generally they are worse than useless. We`ve been stood on beach in 5 knots (F1) with PC showing 15 and coastguard reporting similar on phone !!! The anerometer supplying Windguru at our loacl beach was broken for months yet Windguru continue to report current wind. (As did XC weather which used same equipment) There are issues in almost every direction.

Only really reliable way is to go out and see. Its often quicker than deliberating on beach !!!How long does it take to change down/up anyhow ??? (We often rig 2 sails straight away and leave one fastened to car)

Problem at our beach (most beaches ???) is wind is invariably better further out/south/north or somewhere. (We have a valley to south; cliffs to North and now a damned windfarm to south which has affected winds..
Anerometer gives wind on beach; we sail out to sea !!!

How often do you sail in a constant 16 knots ???? Suspect its probably by accident but Beaufort seems to cover the range within a force on a given day? Cant beat experience tho !!?? Thing isnt deciding on correct windspeed or correct Beaufort but correct sail ???
But if anerometer works for you ; fine.Mine stays in car now;with flat batteries and its iffy bearings !

Good sailing.

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