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Default too small fin

Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Hi GG,
41 cm is fine in Std. Tuttle.... plenty of fin head to fin box integrity and strength.
Std. Tuttle in a Deep Tuttle fin box is fine, but you will need longer (18-20 mm) fin screws!
Might have to do some minor fitting and/or shimming to get the fn head truly flush with the
bottom of the board/finbox. Be sure to leave the fin about 1/32" (1 mm) proud of the bottom of
the board as "draw" to really seat the fin head in the tapers of the fin box. Pull it flush with the
Originally Posted by ggzaprešić View Post

I have 85kg and 178 cm. I have new isonic 127.

For 9,5 m2 vapor gastra sail I have fin 49 select elite.

What is your reccomendation is for 7,5 m2 severne overdrive fin.

I have possibility to purchase 41 select elite fin tuttle (not deep tuttle). Is it ok 41 and is it ok tuttle .
Thanks a lot
What is your reccomendation is for fin size 7,5 m2 severne overdrive
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