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Default Progression for a 10 year old

Hi Roger

You helped me learn to windsurf about 9 years ago. Now perhaps you can help my 10 year old son, Ben. He is about 43 kg's and 1.5m.

He had about 8 lessons over summer in January of this year. But other things and winter got in the way and he hasn't sailed since. I will try to get him out again in a couple of months when the temps climb a bit.

He used a range of boards during his lessons from short and 1m wide with centreboards to 70cm wide konas. So in a light breeze, he can move around the lake tacking etc without falling too often, using a 2.6m hotsailsmaui microfreak.

I now want to take him out with me, using my boards. I guess my main objective, apart from giving him as much fun and TOW as possible, is to make sure he is on the right board to progress to planing sailing, because I think that is what will hook him, [ as it does most people ].

The sail he will be using is a 3.2m HSM superfreak with 100% 340 rdm mast and alu boom.

The two boards of mine he could use are either an RRD longrider, [ 340 x 70 x 180L x 14.2 kg ] or a 2002 Go170. He has tried the Longrider and likes it, but hasn't tried the Go.

What is your take on these two quite different types of boards as a progression tool to planing? I would have thought the Go, being more stable, wider and lighter would get him going sooner with such a small sail, but there is a school of thought that the more directional Longrider, with an easier transition to planing is a better board. I wonder if the added weight of the Longrider would stop him from planing with such a small sail?

Lastly, I'm not adverse to getting a different board, one more suited to his size, if that would be a significant improvemnt for him. There are a few kids boards out there....


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