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Default Starboard Go 151 - beginner


I am looking at buying a board and rig in the next couple of days and could do with some advice. Here's some info that could help in answering my questions:

Weight: 85kg
Age: 33
Fitness: Good
Water: Inland lake
Wind: 8 - 20 knots
Experience: Tried once on an old F2 with daggerboard and managed to sail, turn, go upwind etc. Used to kitesurf.
Board I'm looking at: Starboard Go 151 2011 model
Other users: Hope that my kids will be able to learn on it.


Is this the right board for me?
Should I go with more volume?
Will my kids (7 years) be able to learn on it?
Will I be able to uphaul?
Will the centre fin enable me to go upwind in light wind?
What size sails do I need for the wind range (for myself, not my kids)?
Will one mast fit all these sails?
Will one boom fit all these sails?

Lots of questions, but I've done a lot of research and think that this is a better board for me than a Rio M as it will allow me to progress further. I just hope that I will be able to sail upwind in light wind using the centreboard.


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