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Hi Hugh

Around 5 kts the fin creates lift, the nose lifts and she (unlike my other boards, the Serenity justifies a "she"!) starts flying along.
I saw some pics and it seems very noticeable, reminding me of typical fast kayak behavior.
I do like the "she" point you make

Unlike a "normal" board in light winds, the Serenity accelerates very quickly from rest; hard to describe the experience unless you try one. If you can feel a breath of wind, she will go!
For me, the speed is irrelevant, the Serenity is just a load of fun from 1 knot upwards and will keep me sane during our many non-planing days.
Sounds gooooood to me as below-formula-planing-treshold days keep coming in handy were I live ! (as everywhere I guess...)

I like your fishing line idea...!
I do that routinely on my sea kayak and often catch surface fish (do put some lead at the end of the line because even moving at only 3 or 4 knots, the line trails behind not far from the surface (less deep than you might think). Flashy and limp lures will work best. Attaching the line close at hand is important to hook in the fish and getting it out of the water.

By the way, it all makes me think about one more thing : is the board stable enough to be paddled sitting kayak-style ? (just in case wind would die completely).

Many thanks again for your help.
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