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Hi Peter,
You are going to teach them to drive when they get a little older....right?
Teaching family members to windsurf is very much like teaching them to drive a car.
In my opinion, something that is much better to learn from someone not in your family.
Bring them to the Windfest at Frisco Woods Campground in Hatteras the 3rd weekend in April and they can learn for free, on the best entry level gear available.
Or, if a trip to Hatteras is not in the works, take them down to Ninigret Pond and schedule some lessons with Ellen. That will cost, but you will get the benefit of one of the most experienced kids instructors in the USA.
My guess would be they will learn more, more quickly, and have a lot of fun at the same time.
That's really the key to teaching kids almost anything. It has to be fun!
The more fun it is, the faster they learn.
Hope this helps,

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