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Default Go 151 to replace Go170

Hi Roger

Perhaps you can help with board selection advice. My quiver is divided into two separate "packages".

I run 6.3 and 7.0 crossover sails on an older F2 Ride 279 which suits the local conditions when it gets lumpy. This would account for maybe 30% of my total sailing time.

Then I run 7.5 and 9.0, [ soon to be 7.5 and 8.5 ] freerace sails on two larger boards, a 1998 Starboard Sonic305, and a 2002 Go170. This would account for 70% of my sailing time. So I am biased towards the bigger gear, and have always prefered a board on the big side for a particular sail size.

The Sonic 305, [ 305x68x140L] is a lovely board with the 7.5, but it is getting on in age and the rails are on the sharp side. The Go170, [ 276x83.5x170L] is a lovely board with the 9.0, [ 8.5 ] and is still in mint condition.

I am looking at getting rid of the Sonic and Go in favour of the Go151 which on paper seems to be somewhere between these two boards. I would do this to get a board which is both newer and better suited to help teach me to jibe.

I hesitate because the Go151, as well as being narrower than the Go170 in overall width, has a significantly narrower tail and I fear losing too much low end planing potential. My questions;

1. Is the 151 THE board for 7.5 / 8.5 from the Go range, [ only Go or Carve available from 151 down].
2. Do you see a significant loss in early planing between the Go151 and 170 from 2002.

BTW, I'm 80 kg and 187cm, sailing coastal inlet.


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