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Hello, I have more or less the same question as everybody else here... WHAT BOARD??
I learned to windsurf only in the last few (2) weeks (on holiday) but it really is love on first sight!!!!!! (apart from the 12 open blisters on my hands and lots of other strange things happening on them too).
I am 42 years old, female, 1.80 meter tall (5.9ft ??) 71kg, lots of sailing experience as a kid so wind is not a problem for me, I learned first on both a very old longboard and also a very stable wide but shorter board, both with centerboard. In the last days I went a smaller board (but not a sinker and still with centerboard, I have no idea about the liters...) and with 5.7m sail. This was allright with not too big waves, wind around 15 knots with strong gusts. With big waves I would still fall quite often and regret the larger&wider board. I started to plane (WOOOOOOWW), I am quite able to pull the board into planing but not always to keep it for long. (often loosing it when messing with the centerboard while pulling it up). Have not yet tried straps & harness because they were not available but according to the teacher I should have. I don't know if this is relevant info but when I pull up the centerboard and try a power-jibe i now succeed in making a very nice sharp turn pushing the board with my feet, feels like skiing, before turning the sail.
It would be great if my kids (7 & 9 years) could also learn on the board, they already go a bit but only light wind and smaller gear of course.
We would mostly be going on the Garda lake (we are italian) or on the adriatic sea in Croatia, with medium strong winds and some but not very big waves.
Would the GO board be a good choice? What volume do you think I should look at? I would be very grateful for your advise!
Thanks a lot in advance!
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