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Hello Henriette,
No, these boards would not be good (right at first anyway) for your kids to learn on.
Why? No centerboard!
For that you would need the GO 151 with the center fin option.
Could be very good for you as well, but with the center fin (vs a retractable centerboard) you cannot
simply step on the pedal and retract the center fin. You would need to remove the screws and turn the board over to work the center fin out of the Tuttle fin box in the middle of the board.
It had seemed like you might be "on your way" to having the skills to sail a shortboard without any center fin or centerboard.
If you want a great board, with a retractable centerboard, at your weight I would suggest the Rio S (Small).
It has great performance as a BIG shortboard with the centerboard retracted, but the centerboard is there if you need it and for teaching your kids with small rigs.
There are pros and cons to every board, so you need to select the board that will do the most in your conditions with your skills, but avoid getting something that will limit your skills at the level they are now.
Hope this helps,
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