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OK, I must have been lucky then because it is the first I break in 25 years. I will look for a more robust one, maybe a second hand Nautix carbon as they have very good reputation. Any other brand you can suggest?
from what I understand aluminum booms have 2 durability issue, salt corrosion and metal fatigue,
so sooner or latter they do break under usage and generally cannot be repaired.
Carbon doesn't have either problem, but there could be production defects like dry carbon, epoxy not penetrating all the way thru, etc.. good thing about carbon booms, you can repair them, and repair done
correctly will be better than original, so you can use them indefinitely. I hear good things about Maui sails
booms, North, NP and Chinook have nice carbon booms too. I see carbon boom as an investment,
cost more but over the years it pay off: better, lighter,stiffer, stronger and it lasts.
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