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Default Which Isonic (or S-Type) to replace my Carve 121?

A question for Ian because I think he is the Isonic specialist?

Current gear:
FF-138 wood 2004 with Sailworks Retro 9.0m? & 7.5m? when the water is flat
Carve 121 D-Ram 2005: with Retro 6.5m? & 7.5m? for a water state in between
Kombat 96 D-Ram 2006: with Retro 5.5m? - 5.0m? & Sailworks Revo 4.2m? when the water is very choppy

I am a female of 62 kg who rides on a lake near the North Sea in the Netherlands (Grevelingenmeer) that can be pretty choppy at times.
I use the FF-138 in low wind if the water is flat and the Kombat as soon as the water starts to become very choppy.

I find the wind range of the Carve 121 too close to the range of the Kombat because I can plane with my Kombat almost from the same windspeed on as with my Kombat.

Therefore I was thinking of replacing eventually the Carve by a board that planes early in marginal winds for when the water is too rough for my FF-138 and that I can ride until I can use the Kombat for when the conditions get even choppier.

I was thinking of the Isonic 115 (111) or 125 (121) because I think they plane earlier in marginal winds than my C-121 and because they can cover a bigger wind range and also because they manage some chop pretty well I guess?
I would use it with a 6.5m? - 7.5m? (most of the time) and every now and than with a 9.0m?

Which Isonic (S-Type) would be suited? I would rather not buy a bigger Carve because my husband and I had already a Carve 131 & 145 which we sold last year.

I am not so interested in top end speed and was therefore thinking of buying a 2006 model. Are there other reasons why I should rather buy one of the new 2007 Isonic?s?

Looking forward to your reply,

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