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Default RE: Belieze Windsurfing

A flexible watertime schedule (sail windy days, dive/snorkel calm days) should give you a great time.

The following paragraphs are quoted from the Sailsports Belize website:

"If you are looking to sail in uncrowded water where you are not swamped with other windsurfers and are happy in 12???20 knots (Beaufort 4-5) then Belize is heaven. We are not really a high wind centre although we often get winds of 20 plus. If you are looking for 20???30 knots everyday Belize is not for you.

We cater primarily to beginners and intermediates. If you are just getting in the straps and practising water starts/carve gybes this is the perfect place for you. We also have some great wave sites, although you will need to go with a local to find them.

Belize is good for beginners all year round. It is very rare for there to be no breeze at all. Intermediates should look to November through to July.

For the advanced sailor our most consistently windy time is February through June. In November, December and January our wind is often frontal with cold fronts sweeping down from the States and bringing 15-25 knot breezes for 3 to 4 days at a time. February through July we get the trades and thermals. We tend to get morning and afternoon breezes with a lunchtime lull."
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