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Originally Posted by Farlo View Post
There is also a Nautix NXtrem with alumin tubes in the front (ergal) and carbon tail.
Have you heard about or tried such combination? I'm afraid it may break because of stiffness difference.
The german Surf magazine has tested the Nautix NX-trem boom in August 2006 :

Not a bad boom with regards to stiffness 5 years ago, as stiff as either a North Sail Silver aluminum boom or NeilPryde X3 aluminum boom which are labelled as "medium" stiffness by today's standard. However, this is an old-fashioned boom shape ("pinhead" style) and the front head is screwed to the body side tubing by 2 screws on each arm, which bond is prone to normal wear and tear of the holes/screws over time...

However, some new generation aluminum booms are 30% stiffer than that : Aeron OS Slalom boom, Prolimit Assault V-Grip boom & Severne Alu Race boom are the top 3 stiffest aluminum booms of the Surf magazine August 2011 test. All 3 are built with the new V-Grip-Form 32.5 mm diameter tubing that provides a much stronger stiffness under load than regular round or oval tubing.

Cheers !

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