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Hi Kevin, and others.
This if interesting. Actually I reduced my own quiver last year from Carve 145 with a 9.4 as biggest down to S-type 115 (lovely board) and 7.5 as max.
The dream was simplicity and with a little more technique I wouldn't loose much time on the water.
Reality was that I lost about 60% of my planing time, and ended up as a very frustrated surfer.
We (at least the bigger of us, I'm 97 kgs and 193 cm) simply need the +80 cm and + 9m2 equipment to get a sport out of it in everyday conditions.
So Kevin, wouldn't you, seriously, need some bigger gear for a trip in the "real" world (outside Maui ;-) to get more than 50% planing time.
Even though I'm sure your planing technique on the St 115 is a lot more efficient than mine
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