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Question Help choosing board?

I'm posting on this forum because i don't need a registration even though this post isn't about starboard products.
Anyway, i just want a bit of help choosing which board to get.
I'm 14 years old, This is my 4th year windsurfing and recently i've joined the local windsurf club. Obviously, i need my own kit (I used to rent xD) and right now i've got to choose between an F2 Spice 106 (fairly new, 2007 or 2008 model, idk, quite light and costs 290) and another F2, not sure which model/year but it's also in good shape, 115l and costs 200. I COULD go looking for other boards at the shop if these aren't any good, though i doubt i could find better, especially at this price. I think i remember a 96l (?) crossover, so i can check that out...
Of course, this is all second hand. I'll be sailing mainly in around 15 knots in slightly choppy conditions but when the wind picks up i want to practically use this stuff in up to 20 knots... I have a 5.7 neil pryde Tempo, all new and pretty light, and it's fairly big for me at this point for high wind but bear in mind i'm 55 kg and will grow quite a lot.
I've tested them both out. The Spice I've tested in really light wind just to see it's light wind potential, and it was quite smooth. It's way thinner than the other board, which is 70cm (the spice is 62), which i've tested in possibly ideal conditions for it. My 5.7 was really powered, and i found it's really stable and goes pretty damn fast... This is going to be my only board for this and next year, so it's going to need some versatility. I also don't plan on getting another sail yet...
I'm thinking the spice so far just for the fact that it's smaller and more compact, and later on i could still use it as my high wind board...Anyways, any suggestions are welcome.
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