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Thanks for reply Remi.

I suppose light wind is a relative term. In reality I meant from perhaps 12 knots to 18 ??? (Which I agree isn`t light)

I was wondering which of two boards mentioned would have highest top speed; pointed highest;planed earliest; gybed quickest.

Recent trip to Kos witnessed local (and very good)sailors weighing around 75 kg going out in conditions mentioned on 80cm wide slalom boards (Sonic/Futura and Patrick) with 7.2 cambered sails. Trying to figure out what kit to take next year to compete with them. (Or what would give me best chance ???)

With 103 kg on Futura 141 I wont be planing as early (even with 8.2 ???) I dont think ??? Hence why I was considering Ultrasonic which at 93 wide should get me going as quick but would I have control problems on it ??? Its a lot of money to pay out to find out ????

Suppose question is would Ultrasonic with 103 kg perform on a par with 75 kg on Futura 141 ??? (With sails relative to weight/conditions) ?????????? (Assuming equivalent rider skills; which BTW thery aren`t)


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