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You can't have it all....all at once.
If you are uphualing alot, work on staying on top of the board with the rig in your hands
alot more.
When you only have to uphaul occasionally (like if you goof on one out of 10 tacks and jibes)
THEN work on your planing, and jibes.
Work on your beachstarts as much as possible.
A Beachstart is simply a shallow water waterstart.... where you don't use up all your energy trying
to position the rig in deep water.
Work on moving your board around in all directions by pushing on/manipulating the rig... in knee deep water (whatever depth clears the rear fin off the bottom) .
When you can steer your board into a slightly downwind alignment using only hands on the boom (perhaps one hand on the mast if you like, but both on the boom is better) from any direction, then begin to work toward doing the same thing in deeper water.
Deep water waterstarts will come with practice.
Remember to work on your techniques for a little while, then stop and go sail to have some fun, then
go back to working on your techniques.
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