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Default RE: Need advice - windsurfing margarita

I was there over Christmas, but I stayed in another town on the island (Pampatar) and just drove to El Yaque during the days for windsurfing. I have some pictures from Isla Margarita and Venezuela here:

At El Yaque there are hotels on the beachfront including the El Yaque Beach hotel associated with the Vela windsurfing resort, and Hotel El Yaque Paradise associated with the Club Mistral windsurfing resort. I rented from Club Mistral and the Hotel Paradise seemed nice. I don't recall the names of the other hotels, but El Yaque is a very small town so wherever you stay you will just be a block or so from the beach.

You will find plenty of excitement on and off the water at El Yaque, but it is actually not the main part of Isla Margarita. There is a big city area on the Eastern part of the island, some interesting natural and historic areas on the inland part of the island, and an assortment of non-windsurfing beaches all around the coast.

Isla Margarita is relatively safe compared to mainland Venezuela, but it is still possible to get robbed, kidnapped, lost, killed in a car accident, or sickened by the food and water. With Hugo Chavez running the country it is going from bad to worse quickly. So be careful.
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