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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Do you intend to buy 2 boards?
The Rio M will work fine your your GF but getting here a smaller lighter rig will
help her alot.
I have some very light rigs in mind that are 4.2 m2 and weigh probably less than half as
much as what she was sailing for the lessons.
Small size, but very good power and very easy to handle.
I might consider buying 2 boards so my girlfriend and I can sail together at the same time, I think it would a lot more fun for both of us. Would you have a suggestion for a smaller board for her? Or you think we should both use a Rio M? I think my girlfriend would like a board that is as much stable as possible, but also not too much cumbersome for her.

What would be your suggestions for sails that are ultra light and small? She mostly want the rig to be very light and easy to handle. I checked for your suggestions, and found 6.5m Sailworks Retro and Severne NCX sails, but these sails don't seem to be available in 4.2m size.

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