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Hi, Remi

Just tried the Hypersonic 133 for the first time yesterday.

It was VERY hard to get going and felt like a tug boat. I was using a 7.5 sail in 15-18 mph winds. I tried pumping and bearing off/everything but it felt like it was just stuck to the water and didn't want to go. When a gust came I was able to get on a plane and once on a plane the board felt pretty fun, fast, stable and eager to charge on, but man.. it was really hard without significant wind and other guys around me where planing left and right.

Just wondering if a larger fin (bigger than the Drake longer fin which came with it might help), or if I simply need more wind to get that board going. With the straps so outboard it also really seemed to need more wind to get locked in.

???? I 've read threads that people either love or hate this board, and I gotta say I love it on a plane but hate it the rest of the time!!

Does this all sound accurate or am I just not sailing this board correctly/as intended??

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