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Default Futura 133 or 144

I need some help choosing the right board. At this moment I own a 2009 Tabou Rocket 145 and a 2010 Starboard Futura 111. The sails I use on these board are the Neil Pryde H2 6.7, 7.7 and the Helium 8.5. I am thinking about replacing the Helium for a 8.7 or 9.2 H2, but I am not sure about that.

I would like to replace the Tabou Rocket with a 2011 Futura, but I can't decide what would be the right size, the 133 or the 144. I am not going out there below 12 knts. At this moment I use the 7.7 H2 as the smallest sail on the Tabou and as the biggest sail on the Futura 111 depending on the conditions.

I would appreciate an advise.

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