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Where is the mast foot placed when she goes upwind as she moves back to the footstraps?
Also, be sure to space the straps a close together as you can (i.e. rear straps as far forward as
they will go... front straps as far back as they will go.
With tiny rigs like the 2.5, it's very difficult to get the CE in the sail back over the fin, so you need the
mast foot as far back as it will go.
Then make sure she is not weighting the upwind rail as she moves back.
Back foot over the fore/aft centerline... slip the front foot into the footstrap but do not put any weight
on it.... then slide the back foot out and into the rear strap.
Pretty improtant here that she get's hooked in so very little of her weight goes to the board.
Hope this helps,
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