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thnx coachg and Remi,

I was thinking about that too. I have a question about the sails for this board (US147)
You recomend the Severne overdrive for this board. Which size do you reccomend for me for 9-15kts. Can I compare the overdrive with the RAM from north sails?
and what kind of boom and luff do I need for the overdrive?

Is there a big difference for de US 2012?
Sould I go for the wood or carbon version?

allot off questions, but I want to do it good, I want to enjoy the board and not compromise.

thnx in advance

F111, F93 ('11)
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North RAM F12 7,8/ 7,0 / 6,3 / 5,7 / 5,2
North S-type 9,5('11)
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