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Default Board and Sail Quiver


I have some general questions about an ideal board size and sail range.

Here is some background about the location I sail. It is a lake and fairly narrow so the waves are not that big. The wind blows from 8 knots on a small day all the way up to 22 knots on a windier day. The most frequent wind is about 10-15 knots.

Myself: I am 75kg and my level of sailing is intermediate: I can water start proficently and I am improving with footstrap use. Using the harness is something I am fairly comfortable with. I am learning how to carve gybe although I have not had success as of yet.

I currently am using a 125 litre board.

I have 2 questions:

(1) What would be the ideal board size if I only have 1 board? I would still like to be able to uphaul the board if I need to; when the wind is down and temperatures are cold.

(2) What would be the ideal sail quiver to sail and be planning in these conditions? Does it make a difference if I have freeride sails or wave sails?

Thank you for answering these questions,

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