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Hi the-wind.
What are you using to determine that the Severne Gator sails are "lighter" than the Sailworks
What I was going to suggest for your girlfriend was the Sailworks Retro Ripper 4.2 m2.
These are very powerful 4 batter trainer sails that have all the features of the larger Sailworks
Retro in a much smaller much lighter package with special shorter lightweight Ripper Stick masts.
The Severne Gator in 4.2 m2 is definitely not lighther than the Retro Ripper 4.2 on a 370 cm Ripper
Stick RDM mast.
I've sailed the Severne Gator, and the Severne NCS.
The Gator is more a freeride multi-purpose sail. Less light wind power and less tuning range vs the
Sailworks Retro.
The Severne NCX is very close in power and performance to the Retro.
Normal sail size spacing is about 1 m2 (above 6.0 m2 and about .75 m2 below 6.0 m2.
Hope this helps,

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