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Originally Posted by scottmullens View Post
Also wondering if a longer fin (longer than the two stock fins which came w/the board) might help in light wind conditions- my biggest sail is a 7.5 and I'm sailing this board in Colorado (15-18 mph winds). I weigh 185 pounds. If so, a recommendation on an ideal fin for this board for these conditions?

Also, does anyone feel like sailing their hypersonic has made them a better sailor overall since they board is a bit fussy and nose-divey, or is it just a completely diff animal and dialing in one has no bearing on the other? THanks. This odd fat little board has me intrigued..
What sail is the 7.5? The stock fin was OK, however a good 42cm for the 7.5 would be the go. Once you get the hang of the Hyper, it will improve your sailing, no doubt, just stick with it
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