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I currently have an acid 80 and was looking at buying a new board this year. I am an expert sailor and sail primarily in the Gorge but have also been travelling more and more to the Oregon coast. I weigh 200lbs (90kgs). I was curious what the Quad is like in very high winds that the gorge typically sees and whether it would be a better choice for the Oregon Coast. I only carry a 4.8 and a 4.2 and tend to sail in the upper range of my sails. Although I do some jumping I primarily like to ride the big waves at places like the wall and arlington and of course on the coast. Would I have the same control or better in these extreme conditions with the quad vs. kode? From what I see the kode has a bit fatter profile than the acid I currently have. I really like the looseness of the acid. Any feedback on these 2 boards would be great! Thanks in advance!
Hi, I have the Kode 80L from 2009 and then the Quad 2010 81L and Quad 2011 82L. My weight is 84 kg. I really like the Kode when its rough weather with chop and proper wind! Its the best single fin I have ever tried, superb control, really light under the feet and jumps well. I use it in Denmark with sails from 3,7 - 5,6 m2 (mostly with 3,7-4,7). The Quads definitely feel bigger if you compare equivalent volumes and are not as nice in hard winds and heavy chop. I do not usually use the 82L Quad with smaller sails than 4,7. In waves the drive and maneuverability of the Quads is definitely something I enjoy very much. But if you sail mostly chop and hard winds (the George) I would without hesitation take the Kode 80L. Its not bad in waves either (especially in bigger waves it bottom turns like a dream), its a very good single fin, but hasnt the same drive in the turns as quads. If you end up with the Quad anyway then with the sails size you use I would probably chose the 77L or the 74L.

Cheers, R.
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