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On flat fresh water, sail lifetime or more accurately monofilm lifetime is strictly dependent on UV exposure. After 10 years, my 2 most intensive used sails were a NP RX2 10.6 m2 and a Severne Code Red R2 11 m2. Both lasted 5 years before the monofilm became opaque and so brittle that it literally teared up vertically between battens only after a tack or a sail pump in light wind. More precisely, the NP lasted 308 hours of TOW sailing usage while the Severne lasted 425 hours of TOW sailing usage. When not in use, they were either put under shade inside a rigbag/under trees or fully derigged. Conversely, sails rarely used and rarely exposed to UV last very long : a NP RAF Wave 3.0 m2 sail still looks like brand new after 20 years...

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