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tell us something about your weight and wind / sea condition: with 11,8 SSR were you really able to plane at 7 knots ?
What about Apollo water release at that wind speed ?

real windspeed: usually I masure on the land between my trials. To get more precise measures in this low winds I have orderd now a waterproof skywatch Xplorer anemometer for measurements on the water in short stops. Will see what it tells moreless online.
I am 184cm and 93kg. Most trials I am doing on lake Neusiedlersee, 50km south of Vienna/Austria. Choppy, very short and zoomimg waves.
Just curious whether you find a noticable difference in the Apollo's performance using the 70 versus the 75cm fin. Although racing is currently limited to use of the 70cm maximum fin length, it would still be of interest to learn more about the speed and upwind advantages that could be gained with the larger fin in the lightest of winds
immedeately you feel the 75cm fin, the move is leisurely. You can feel the speed limits in gusts. If you race in a two marks race I am sure you dont feel this limits, you will go as high and as deep as possible. Thats just true as long you have no real stronger gusts where your friends on the Formulas can accelarate much more.

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