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Default Phantom 377 -- Please don't do it!

I see that you will be coming out with a new raceboard. IMHO, this makes little sense. The raceboard market is small enough already without carving it up more. In Canada we recently held our Master's windsurfing championships. A growing contingent of people (13 in the fleet) were racing the KONA One. Eighteen others were on raceboards with a growing number in an unofficial Starboard Phantom/Severne Raceboard 9.5 fleet. There was significant interest in having more people on the Phantom/Severne set-up. Now you're going to change the board! Certainly in our fleet, no one will follow you. This is NOT Formula! You already have an excellent raceboard. Fleets are NOT big around the world and the economy is tanking everywhere. Why not consolidate your gains? I hear some of you saying "but this is a DEVELOPMENT class". Well, development classes only work when there is enough money to fund that development by continued purchases. Starboard effectively has a monopoly on the market -- RSX is almost dead, Exocets are rarely seen and Mistral, F2 and Fanatic no longer produce raceboards. There is an opportunity to support the Phantom 380 as a class and maybe even as the next Olympic board.
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