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Default RE: starting up windsurfing interest ..again

Hi Guest,

I agree with others who have suggested longboards are the way to go. In light winds the differences in performance among different brands of longboards are relatively small compared to differences in sailor skill, so you should have reasonably fair and exciting racing even if you can't put together a one-design fleet.

If you do go the one design route, Prodigies aren't bad, and unlike Mistral One Designs they are good boards for beginners of all types to learn on. Even though they're not as fast in light winds as narrower boards, they go upwind well because of their thick, hard rails and parallel outline. My grad school's sailing club has two, and I have found that they are pretty evenly matched with keelboats in light winds, and of course much faster once on a plane. I have only had a little experience on the Exocet Kona, but they also seem like a good one-design option, and they are cheap for new boards.

I'm sure newer hybrids from brands like Starboard are better than the prodigy, but you probably can't afford them.

Unless you are focusing more on beginner-instruction than racing, I would avoid super-wide beginner boards with rounded outlines and small center fins. So no to GO and START.

Good luck, and keep on trying even if you're not very successful at first!
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