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Well said Ken, I was more thinking in technical terms: sail size vs. wetted area, but the social aspect is very true. My kids consider windsurf a kind of black art. If they start any water sport it shall be kitesurf, unless something new has been invented in the meantime. Last month I bought a kite mag by curiosity. It was a carbon copy of a windsurf mag. Looks like their culture is very close, despite the strange food they eat and their ridiculous small boards. Who said small boards killed windsurfing already in the eighties by making it too difficult? Now kitesurf will kill windsurfing by making itself too easy?
First of all , Farlo I feel said for you and your kids... you will miss out on amazing experience together...

Ken, I thought better of you, cheer up, sky is not falling, next time you're at the beach, help out a newbie or donate old gear to some promising kid with lack of financial resources. You can bitch and moan, or you can help out new generation of windsurfers...

And windsurfing and kitesurfing, it's nothing like mountain and road biking, more like
surfing and windsurfing, 2 totally diff. sports. evolution ? skiing still alive and so is road biking...
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