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Remi, you've almost got me convinced, but the prices are almost prohibitive. When can we see more?

ZedZdeD and, I agree that innovation is important (I bought at the end of the last wave of raceboard innovation -- the F2 Race 380). The fleet here in Canada seems similar to Australia -- old raceboards (F2 Race 380, Mistral Equipes, AHD, etc.). Sails range from 7.5 North Raceboard (yes, that old) to 9.5 Severnes. Very few people went to Formula because of the cost and there are only a few RSX. So, new board designs are interesting. However, with raceboard costs so high, no one is willing to upgrade on a regular basis. There is not much resale of boards, so it is either buy new or stick with the old stuff. Our "one design" fleet will not grow if more of the same board are not available. So, we'll just have different excuses around the bar after racing.
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